Check out my deviantart!:)

Should i start using my tumblr again?

Hm…yeah maybe…

I’ll get my sony A57 tomorrow! :D:D:D:D

New picture(Mobile photo!!!)

New picture(Mobile photo!!!)

New picture….

New picture….

I WISH Instagram would let me upload things on tumblr too!

But nooo! ”Cant log in” every time! Fuck that-.-‘

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Will have one on sunday !:D:D:D



Let’s see how many drummers are on Tumblr!

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reblog this post!! let’s see how many notes we get!

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Thrice has been working very closely with Invisible Children for about six or seven years now.

It’s been an honor to work with them.

This is their new movie.

Please watch it. And after you watch it, act on it.

It’s not hard to get involved. Let’s do this, people.



My Best friend….

My best friend…

There really are no more awesome living thing/person then you. And i hope you know that. I would do anything to make YOU smile. Cus you’re making my life worth living everyday.

Sure we have our fights sometimes but we are still best friends… And we always solve our problems, together .  

I dont know what i would do without you. And you’re not only my best friend like you’ve been for the past 3 years…

Now you’re also my girlfriend.  Like you’ve been for 4 months now. AND ITS FREAKING AWESOME! 

Thanks for letting me fall asleep on you chest when i’m sick, like i’ve been this weekend. Thanks for taking care of your sick boyfriend xD

And thanks for everything you do, everyday!

Sooo i just wanted to write this usless … text post thingy on my tumblr. So you dont forget that,

You Are Awesome. 


I Love You( <3 ) 

//Your tired boyfriend who cant sleep….<3
Why so serious?

Why so serious?